Lock & Shop


Shoppers use the keypad to create a unique one-time password to securely store their parcels


Ensures bags are not taken into your store

Staff Reduction

Automate the parcel drop off and collection process and eliminate the need for staff assistance


Our mesh steel unit is our most cost effective model to date

HOW IT WORKS – Customers can use a unique code to drop off and collect their valuables


  • Keyless options include: keypad (for use with
    OTP), access cards or biometrics
  • Mesh finish ensures you can see which lockers
    are occupied
  • Backup battery to ensure functionality during
    power outages
  • Our most economical unit


  • Retail
    • Secure storage of parcels (generally from
      another store) while the customer shops in
      your store
  • Workplace
    • Secure storage of bags/valuables belonging
      to staff