“Local is lekker” is the South African way of saying ‘things developed at home are usually the best.’ Fit for Purpose – Why local is ‘lekker’!

Technology is continually transforming the world, more so in 2020. From the way we work, communicate, shop, to how we commute, everything has changed. (By the year 2021, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion. (Shopify Plus, 2019)

As South Africans, we are typical users of internationally developed apps and tech tools.

Client relationships at VAULTGROUP are close to our hearts and given the fact that the founders of the business are operationally involved this equates to a close, personal customer bond as opposed to a large international company.

Locally developed technologies are beating international competitors.

Our six years of experience, predominantly, in the cell phone storage sector taught us the value of developing and delivering products that address local market challenges.

South Africa is unique in many aspects. Understanding criminals personality and modus operandi have been fundamental in VAULTGROUP’s success demonstrated by the ability to pivot into other market segments.

By recognising our unique local challenges and needs, not only are we delivering fit for purpose solutions, in doing so, we are helping to empower people.

Be it through job creation, giving clients access to resources they usually wouldn’t be able to afford or allowing them to make better decisions by simplifying complicated processes.

We ensure our products meet the highest quality standards in the world. Our products, therefore, can be used in countries and markets outside of South Africa.

Feedback has shown that our solution is as good, if not better than those from overseas since they are designed by those with an in-depth understanding of the local market and the struggles ordinary South Africans endure since we have experienced these ourselves.

We don’t follow a ‘copy and paste’ model!

It can be too easy to ‘copy and paste’ when it comes to implementing new ideas in different contexts and locations. We then wonder why we don’t get the same results! Time and thought, even trial and error, are needed to customise the implementation of such ideas to get the maximum impact in each new context.

Context matters, context is a crucial factor when moving from brilliantly creative ideas to sustainable, impactful innovation.

By exhibiting at global events, we have proven ourselves in the international market over the past few years by creating and manufacturing local locker systems that lead the field internationally.

Driven by our desire to meet customer demands in the design and production of our solutions, we continuously challenge ourselves to deliver a better product which is convenient, reliable and safe.

To achieve this, we continue to invest in skills focusing on local research and development, not to mention local manufacturing.

“Local is lekker” is so much more than the need for local interpretation of global trends. It means that the most creative ideas and innovative solutions come from local design and manufacturing.

It can be tempting to try and import ready built systems from overseas and deploy them on mass.

Our experience has shown that despite many companies offering locker storage solutions, none can provide local knowledge and expertise to deliver rapid changes and enhancements without their clients having to rely on international development and support teams.

We are incredibly proud of our leading electronic locker solutions.

In addition to backing our local insights, we have stuck to what we are good at ensuring we continue to design and manufacture bespoke high-tech, and innovative storage solutions.